Radio program "Memórias de Alcoutim" on RCA

Following the challenge launched by RCA – Rádio Clube de Alcoutim, the Alcoutim Municipal Museum presents the radio program “Memórias de Alcoutim”. Consisting of thematic series, this program will be broadcast every two weeks, broadcast on Saturdays at 10 am and repeated every Wednesday at 10 am.

The program, which will begin on January 13th, with a special presentation episode, aims to celebrate and preserve the rich intangible heritage and memories of the inhabitants of Alcoutim, as well as offering a unique vision of the work developed by the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Memories Working Group, from the Alcoutim Municipal Museum.

The inaugural series, “Alcoutim Lembra April”, will begin on January 27th and will highlight the memories and stories of resilience and freedoms related to the April 25th, 1974, the Carnation revolution, in intergenerational work, to be developed in conjunction with institutions locations and the local community. This first series is part of the “50 Anos de Liberdade” project, which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of this significant event in the recent history of our country.

It’s not just about remembering a historic event, but about giving voice to the unique experiences that this moment brought to the lives of the guests and uniting us in celebrating an achievement that changed the course of our history.

Don’t miss the premiere on January 13th at 10 am on Rádio Clube de Alcoutim. Tune in to 94.4 FM, for a fascinating journey through the memories that shaped Alcoutim.

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