July 1st till December 31st, 2020

“Backwards Archaeology – a look into the future” by the artist Charlie Holt

The Alcoutim’s Municipal Museum, with other museums in the Algarve, welcomes the project “Backwards Archeology – a look into the future”, by the artist Charlie Holt, from July 1 till December 31, 2020.

An initiative integrated in the programming of the River’s Museum 25 years celebrations, the Alcoutim’s Municipal Museum receives 47 objects that “hides” among the patrimonial objects of three spaces; Alcoutim’s Castle and Casa dos Condes, in Alcoutim, and Blacksmith House, in Pereiro, surprising and encouraging visitors to find them and to dare to observe and question the fossils of the future.

In the project “Backwards Archaeology – a look into the future”, Charlie Holt surprises us and encourages us to participate “in a treasure hunt” making up technological fossils, placed on several museums and heritage spaces of the Algarve. They are objects that may be discovered by archaeologists and geologists in the years to come putting ourselves the challenge to look at the issues of what you create, choose and valuate in the contemporary world.

The project and all the actions developed can be consulted on the links:


Charlie Holt (@backwardsarchaeology) • Instagram photos and videos.

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