In an age of social, cultural, political and, consequently, personal changes that come to change ways of feeling, seeing, thinking, acting and living in society, museums have the difficult task of reinventing and re-adapting themselves in order to recover and reimagine, not only as physical hubs, but also as new virtual hubs of the communities, their territories, cultures and memories.

In the middle of a process of requalification and renovations, on a 25-years journey, Alcoutim’s Municipal Museum aims to use this new space to go beyond its physical doors to communicate more and better with its clientele and attract new visitor groups.

An interdisciplinary and polynucleate museum of and for the community, a place of memories and experiences that is intended to be participatory, dynamic and open to develop its activity with the community and with its institutional and academic collaborators.


Visit us and enjoy the typical hospitality of the uplands.

We look forward to your visit!