Conservation and Restoration

As conservation is one of the museum’s principal missions, the Conservation and Restoration Service of Alcoutim Municipal Museum aims to contribute to the preventive and curative protection and conservation of the museum items in its care, as well as to safeguarding and rehabilitating the local cultural heritage based on the norms and best practices that are indispensable to its work.

The aims of the Conservation and Restoration Service of Alcoutim Municipal Museum are as follows:

  • To conserve, restore and preserve the museum collections and to define the conditions for safeguarding them, as well as all the moveable and immoveable property belonging to the municipality, or others that are not municipal property;
  • To communicate and coordinate the safeguarding of the cultural heritage of the municipality, thereby strengthening an integrated and wide-ranging vision of municipal heritage;
  • To organise the exhibition, reserve collection and laboratory facilities and contribute to the maintenance of the buildings and their equipment;
  • To record and document in different media the material and documentary collection of museological interest in the reserve collection or in store, in order to ensure that the technical conservation and restoration archive is maintained and updated;
  • To give opinions and promote technical partnerships and consultancies in the areas of museology and conservation and restoration with regional and national bodies connected with safeguarding cultural heritage;
  • To produce documents such as regulations, norms and plans that are used to define the principles and procedures to be adopted in the conservation of the museological collection and safeguarding the local cultural heritage.