Mission and objectives

Alcoutim Municipal Museum’s mission is to research, catalogue, conserve, document, interpret, enrich and publicise evidence of human beings and their world relating to the area and people of the municipality, incorporating and safeguarding significant cultural assets that represent the local culture, with the aim of making an active contribution to building and transmitting collective memories for the sake of sustainable local development.

The strategic objectives of Alcoutim Municipal Museum are:

• To promote interaction with institutions and groups in the community, as well as their active participation in the process of safeguarding, cataloguing, promoting and fostering cultural heritage, with the aim of implementing strategies for enriching collective memories and identities thereby strengthening local identity and aiming for sustained development.

• To conserve, enrich and publicise the cultural heritage of the municipality by carrying out a wide range of activities to foster interaction between the various decentralised exhibition venues with a view to enabling citizens to identify with the history and heritage of the municipality thereby promoting intercultural dialogue, innovation and knowledge.

• To hold a varied programme of inclusive activities in partnership with different institutions and groups in the community, which enable programmes and activities to be developed with the aim of promoting the sharing of knowledge and expertise.