February 11st, 2023 to February 8th, 2024

Exhibition "Carlos Brito - life and work"

Exhibition “Carlos Brito – life and work”

Praça da República, Alcoutim

To commemorate the life and work of Carlos Alfredo de Brito,in his political, social and literary aspects in his political, social and literary aspects, Alcoutim Municipality / Municipal Museum present this photo-biographical exhibition. A life dedicated to the defence of ideals and convictions and the fight for freedom, for a socially just and developed country.

An educated, politically enlightened, militant and coherent man, Carlos Brito is integral to Portugal’s political history of recent decades. But his name is equally associated with the recent history of Alcoutim, the place he considers to be his homeland and to which he has dedicated the past few years. As he himself said, “communities are made stronger when they preserve and value the memory of their most illustrious children, and project their example on the vicissitudes of the present day, using it to illuminate future paths.

On the 11th of February, at 3 pm, the exhibition “Carlos Brito – life and work” will open at Praça da República. This is followed by a pre-presentation of the most recent work by Carlos Brito; “To Be Present”, in the Main Hall.

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