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Exhibition “The Lure of Forbidden Fruit”

Exhibition “The Lure of Forbidden Fruit”

Republic Square, Alcoutim

From March 19th, 2024 to March 1st, 2025, Praça de República, in Alcoutim, will host the exhibition “The Lure of Forbidden Fruit”, part of the “50 Years of Freedom” project.

This exhibition, promoted by the Municipal Museum/Municipality of Alcoutim, is made up of 12 panels intended to present some of the prohibitions measures imposed on citizens during the period of the Estado Novo (New State), from 1926 to 1974, that seem strange and surprising to us today.

On March 19th, at 11 am, the exhibition “The Lure of Forbidden Fruit” will be opened at Praça da República, in Alcoutim, as part of the Reading Week program of the National Reading Plan.


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Exhibition “Salazar: 40 years?”

Exhibition “Salazar: 40 years?

Casa dos Condes – Carlos Brito Municipal Library

Monday to Friday, except holidays

9:00 am — 5:00 pm

From March 14th to April 17th, the temporary exhibition room at Casa dos Condes – Carlos Brito Municipal Library, in Alcoutim, hosts the exhibition “Salazar: 40 years?”, part of the “50 Years of Freedom” project.

This exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Mértola, is made up of drawings by Cláudio Torres, in collaboration with Flausino Torres, who had the idea of selecting from António de Oliveira Salazar’s speeches some phrases and statements that, in a certain way, framed the drawings of the son.


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Radio program “Memórias de Alcoutim” on RCA

Following the challenge launched by RCA – Rádio Clube de Alcoutim, the Alcoutim Municipal Museum presents the radio program “Memórias de Alcoutim”. Consisting of thematic series, this program will be broadcast every two weeks, broadcast on Saturdays at 10 am and repeated every Wednesday at 10 am.

The program, which will begin on January 13th, with a special presentation episode, aims to celebrate and preserve the rich intangible heritage and memories of the inhabitants of Alcoutim, as well as offering a unique vision of the work developed by the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Memories Working Group, from the Alcoutim Municipal Museum.

The inaugural series, “Alcoutim Lembra April”, will begin on January 27th and will highlight the memories and stories of resilience and freedoms related to the April 25th, 1974, the Carnation revolution, in intergenerational work, to be developed in conjunction with institutions locations and the local community. This first series is part of the “50 Anos de Liberdade” project, which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of this significant event in the recent history of our country.

It’s not just about remembering a historic event, but about giving voice to the unique experiences that this moment brought to the lives of the guests and uniting us in celebrating an achievement that changed the course of our history.

Don’t miss the premiere on January 13th at 10 am on Rádio Clube de Alcoutim. Tune in to 94.4 FM, for a fascinating journey through the memories that shaped Alcoutim.

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Exhibition “Cerâmicas de Alcoutim, a quarter of a century: 1997 – 2022”

Exhibition “Cerâmicas de Alcoutim, a quarter of a century: 1997 – 2022”

A Venda de Alcoutim, on Av.ª Duarte Pacheco, Alcoutim

The Cerâmicas de Alcoutim studio was established in Monte de Cortes Pereiras in 1997, a family project, founded by the couple António Teixeira and Isabel Ferreira and dedicated to the production of ceramics, including decorative and utilitarian pottery, artistic and sculptural ceramics and tile-making.

To celebrate the quarter of a century of this very special atelier, the Museu Municipal/Municipality of Alcoutim presents the exhibition “Ceramics of Alcoutim, a quarter of a century: 1997 – 2022” in a new space dedicated to the promotion of endogenous resources, “A Venda de Alcoutim”, located on Avenida Duarte Pacheco, in Alcoutim (37°28’15.6″N 7°28’16.5″W).

All the texts in this exhibition are a dialogue between the narrator and Isabel Ferreira, who tells us the most important things about “Cerâmicas de Alcoutim” in the first person.

It will be inaugurated on September 8th, at 12 pm, together with the new space “A Venda de Alcoutim“, integrated into the program of the official celebrations of Municipality Day.

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50 years of freedom

Following the challenge launched by the Algarve Museums Network, Alcoutim Municipal Museum/Alcoutim City Council is developing a project on the theme “Freedom”, consisting of several actions. This project will be developed in the 2023-2024 biennium in close collaboration with various local institutions and members of the local community, where actions such as music shows, theater, plastic expression workshops, workshops, survey of PCI-Memories, among others, will be integrated. that are directly related to April 25 and the individual and/or collective definition of freedom.

  • The pre-launch of the project was the 90th Birthday Celebration of Mr. Carlos Brito, which took place on February 11, 2023, with: Inauguration of the outdoor exhibition “Carlos Brito – life and work”, open until February 8, 2024, at Praça da República, in Alcoutim;
  • Pre-presentation of Mr. Carlos Brito, “Estar Presente”, with a moment of declamation of poetry and poems set to music by Mr. Afonso Dias.

The project’s first official action is the Commemoration of April 25, 2023, whose program has already been closed and will be announced shortly on this website and on the official pages of the municipality.

Two actions are also part of this project, the creation of an author video based on the book “Águas do Meu Contar”, by Mr. Carlos Brito, and a cycle of short stories based on the same book and other stories of resilience and freedom, which are part of the “FORTours IB” project, operation code “0779_FORTOURS_IB_5_E, Frontier Fortifications: promotion of cross-border cultural tourism”, approved under the 6th .th call for the INTERREG V Spain Portugal operative program (POCTEP 2014-2020), and will be developed until June 2023.

We highlight the work of surveying memories and stories/histories of the 25th of April, which consists of collecting testimonies from before, during and after 25th of April 1974 and stories of resilience and freedom, in an intergenerational work, to be developed in conjunction with the institutions locations and the local community.

The Museum is currently collaborating with Associação Alcance in actions integrated in the CLDS Project, such as “Evenings in my land”, “Senior Gatherings”, “Sharing knowledge” and “Adopt a grandfather”, which also address the theme of the 25th of April 1974 and the concept of freedom.

All actions included in the project will be disclosed in a timely manner.