Religious Art Museum

The Religious Art Museum was opened to the public in May 1998 in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Conception located in the Travessa do Jardim-de-Infância in Alcoutim, with the exhibition “A look at the churches of Alcoutim”.

The exhibition “A look at the churches of Alcoutimis based on a historical journey starting in the Manueline period (16th century) and ending in the Neoclassical period (19th century), comprising panels with information about each historical period and graphic representations of the most important works. The aim of this exhibition is to publicise the municipality’s tour of religious art to the community of Alcoutim and visitors, thereby making it part of its cultural heritage and contributing to its unique history. By acting as a vehicle for educational outreach for local people, in particular for schools, the centre aims to familiarise people with the history of art in the municipality in the context of the history of regional, national and European art.

As decided by the municipal executive, this centre closed to the public on 5th August 2008 and was transferred to the Chapel of Santo António located in the Avenida Duarte Pacheco in Alcoutim.

The parish of Alcoutim, in collaboration with the local authority, organised an exhibition of Religious Art in the Chapel of Santo António to celebrate the Jubilee of the Martyrs of Morocco and Saint Anthony. The exhibition was on display there until August 2008, when it was  remodelled and joined to the exhibition “A look at the churches of Alcoutim, which was transferred and adapted to the new location.